The Rift (at Porch Projects)
Category: Installation and Performance, Remixing Thought & Knowledge, Work

In late 2011, on a visit to Porch Projects, The Lab for Remixed Knowledge discovered a rift in the space-time-meaning continuum. We decided to enter the Rift and create a map of it, to further our understanding of the strange quantum properties of meaning and reality.

Entering the rift, we encountered a space where nothing was as it should be. Common points of reference were fundamentally altered. Signs dissolved into signal. Things grew wings. Confronted by this proliferation of possibility, we tried to create a map of the rift. But our observations, instead of collapsing the multiple reality-potentials we saw into a single reality, further destabilized the system. Meanings mutated, mated and multiplied. When we came out of the rift, we compared our maps. Each was different. Each provided a different set of coordinates for the psychosemantic phenomena we experienced. And when we re-entered the rift, our maps were no longer accurate, could not guide us deeper, or assure us passage home. We realized we were in over our heads. That one map, or even two, could not provide the path we seek, could not create the sigil that we need to harness the powerful energies that the rift has unleashed. This is a mountain we draw the mountain it is not a mountain.

We realized we needed more maps, we needed a Map of Maps, to help us chart this strange space.
To get those maps, Lab members Adam Good and Gabriel Walsh created an audio tour of the Rift, a series of instructions and actions for pairs of partners to undertake in the Rift. Upon exiting the Rift, participants were debriefed on their experience, and each created a map, which was added to the Map of Maps.

Through this activity, we have furthered our understanding of the powerful forces of radical meaning and quantum reality.

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