Posit Nodes
Category: Remixing Thought & Knowledge, Work, Writing

This is an ongoing work exploring the potential of “posit nodes,” in which thoughts (posits) are given a POSITION as a NODE in a semantic space. When working through a new idea, I break it up across multiple post-it notes (posit nodes) in order to give it more flexibility and re-usability; the posit nodes can be read linearly, recombinatorically, or improvisationally, to discover new ideas.

Collages of the first 4 sets of posit nodes are below, along with an improvisational remix of the first set.
The individual images themselves are available for reuse under a Creative Commons license.

Posit Nodes – Set 1
Posit Nodes - Set 1


Posit Nodes – Set 2
Posit Nodes - Set 2

Posit Nodes – Set 3
Posit Nodes - Set 3

Posit Nodes – Set 4
Posit Nodes - Set 4

Posit nodes are a manifestation of “object-oriented thought” in which all instances of thought are treated as objects for use and re-use. Everything is an interface. Thought-objects are components of interfaces, as well as interfaces themselves.

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