New Obsolescents
Category: Conceptual Photography

New Obsolescents display photographs that have never been seen before, and will never be seen elsewhere. The images are shown in iPods that have been hacked and de-programmed to serve just one function: display a single image. While on display in the gallery, they are connected to their power sources; when purchased, the devices are fully charged, and then their power ports (and the image’s fate) are literally sealed. The owner can view the image only until the battery dies and the device becomes a useless artifact. Turning the device on allows the owner to view the image, but slowly destroys it. Turning the device off preserves the image, but removes it from view.

The series toys with the planned obsolescence of our most cherished and ubiquitous technological marvels, and makes the owner a willing accomplice in the image’s disappearance, highlighting issues of control, access, and responsibility.

The first three New Obsolescents feature work by Jade Doskow, Megan Cump, and Matthew Gamber. Each device displays one image by one artist.

They will be on view in the Camper Contemporary gallery at Pulse Art Fair Miami, from December 2 – 5.

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