My practice stems from a fascination with meaning, with the ways that it is experienced and formalized into distinct fields of knowledge. My projects suggest that our structures of knowledge are simply materials that can be freely sampled and remixed in order to create new understanding. Through my interactive installations, performance lectures, and online experiences, I invite participants to enter spaces charged with potential meaning, and equip them with the tools for channeling that potential.

This is often accomplished through a focus on language as the foundation of knowledge. By demonstrating radical language practices, or actively training participants in those practices, my experiences foster a deep awareness of language and its transformative power. As a “DJ of Thought,” I freely sample and remix language and ideas from all cultural materials, artistic forms, scientific fields, and creative methods. My work as an artist is to create experiences that allow others to do the same, that give them the same sense of active participation in the cultures and meanings that surround them.