The Loverboy Project
Category: Installation and Performance, Work

This project is an extension and adaptation of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled (Loverboy)”.

In his stacks of limitless square sheets of pale blue paper, which visitors were encouraged to take away, Gonzalez-Torres developed a practice of public participation, open interpretation, and mobile adaptation of the work of art, and evolved the cool, intellectual stances of minimalism into something infinitely more haunting, passionate, political, and humane.

In describing his practice, he said, “I need public interaction. Without the public these works are nothing. I need the public to complete the work. I ask the public to help me out, to take responsibility, to become part of my work, to join in.”

The Loverboy Project is an attempt to take Gonzalez-Torres up on his offer, “to complete the work” by adapting it and giving it away in the same spirit as his endlessly replaceable paper stacks. Just as the viewer of his physical work is encouraged to take the physical object away for her personal use, I have taken the form and the idea and the intent of it, to re-imagine and redistribute it in new ways.

This video is the digital equivalent of the paper stacks. An infinite number of viewers can take it with them, and it never diminishes. They can download it, embed it on their websites or Facebook pages, interpret and adapt it; they can complete it, they can join in, they can help.

The images that comprise the video are scans of stickers that I found at a yard sale, nearly the same pale blue as the Loverboy sheets. The box contained almost 2o,000 stickers, on long sheets. I am placing the stickers in public places as another extension of the original work, to bring it to new audiences outside of traditional art spaces.

To participate in the Loverboy Project, simply watch this video, and, if you feel so moved, link to it, embed it on your site or Facebook page, download it, remix it. Complete it.

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