The Lab is currently exploring three primary knowledge remixing techniques, which correspond to three concepts of knowledge interaction:

  1. Sample < > Object-Oriented Thought
  2. Break Down < > Quantum Semantics
  3. Remix < > Radical Recombinance

Below is a short animation illustrating these concepts:

Knowledge: Sample, Break Down, Remix

In this clip, we see that thoughts are objects (top), that can be broken down into fragments to explore the realm of quantum semantics (middle), and remixed into new objects via radical recombinance (bottom).

Finally, we see that this is a process best conducted with others.

Object-Oriented Thought

We treat thoughts as objects, so that we can appropriate, manipulate, and adapt them to our own ends.

Quantum Semantics

We break down large, static, heavy, thought-objects (source texts) into smaller, lightweight, discrete thought-objects (statements). Powerful semantic energies are unleashed in this process, energies that can be channeled into new meanings, interactions and forms.

Radical Recombinance

These lightweight thought-objects that we create are radicals (read: roots) which can be freely recombined by participants. This recombinance is not random; rather, it is guided by the interests, intelligence, and intent of participants. Recombinant thought-objects should have weight within the many fields that contribute to them.