The Lab for Remixed Knowledge

From August 6 – 25th, The Lab for Remixed Knowledge transforms the Washington Project for the Arts office into an interactive research space for exploring the techniques and implications of remixing knowledge. The Lab invites visitors to become researchers in our work in the emerging fields of object-oriented thought, quantum semantics, and radical recombinance. The short video below introduces the mission and techniques of the Lab.

Visitors will learn how to apply basic techniques of sampling and remixing to sources of knowledge, appropriating and adapting language from our interdisciplinary library into an open data set for collective experimentation. Together we will create concepts, remix descriptions, and discover new terrains of knowledge and understanding to explore. By contributing to the Lab’s work through simple exercises, visitors will receive certificates of participation in the Lab.

Chief Researcher Adam Good will conduct research from the Lab every Thursday during office hours, and post research findings online. The Lab is supported by Washington Project for the Arts and founding sponsors Dan Solomon and Laura Dove.

We invite you to join us in our work:

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