I Know Where We Are, an Interface in Three Movements (with Kate Porter)
Category: Installation and Performance, Work

This is the score and notes from an improvisational performance I did with cellist Kate Porter at the Shattered Wig, Baltimore, 2/23/2007.

“I Know Where We Are: An Interface in Three Movements”

For this performance, I initially created as many “notes” as I could, as quickly as possible, pulling fragments from my various writings, sound pieces, background music, and other environmental variables, recording them all in a huge Word document. The intent was to capture small, lightweight pieces of thought and experience that would lend themselves well to being notes in the improvisation, in the dual sense of musical notes and linguistic notes.

I then brought a huge stack of these notes to a rehearsal with Kate. We poured over them, dividing them into the three movements of the piece, sketching on them, and generally teasing out the possibles.

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For the performance, we created a score based on some of the more resonant fragments. The phrases selected for each movement functioned as guides for thought and emotion to in/cohere around.

During the performance itself, I improvised based off the selected notes, exploring especially the notes we had selected for the score. Kate’s cello and my voice interwove a strange, recombinant tapestry of thought-spokes in real time.

I am collecting the notes in a Flickr set both to document the performance and to function as material for further exploration.

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