Becoming a DJ of Thought
Category: Remixing Thought & Knowledge, Work

Video from my talk at Ignite DC #2, titled “Becoming a DJ of Thought.” More description below the video.

Remixing is not just an art form: it is a fundamental method for understanding and interacting with what we know. We’ve realized the potential of remixing in music, literature, and art—we must now remix the entire spectrum of human thought. If we can remix songs, why not the encyclopedia? If we can mash-up Jay-Z and the Beatles, why not Einstein and Darwin, the Bible and Pythagoras, Isaac Newton and Lewis Carroll? Remixing “the stuff of thought” will yield not only compelling art, but, with the right understanding and appreciation, real insight and scientific advancement. The innovators of the future will be “DJs of Thought,” sampling, mixing, and spinning all existing ideas and thought-objects into ever-new structures. They will remix what we know into what we could know. They will show the Academy how to dance.

Thanks to Bill Colgrove for slide design.

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