10 Statements (remixed from Mapping the Mind)
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10 Statements (remixed from Mapping the Mind)

  1. ‘The answer ‘as facsimile (for the) ‘first story (works by) ‘pursuing the model (of the) ‘circuit.
  2. ‘Another ‘multifaceted ‘predisposition ‘arises (with the) ‘urge’ to wash ‘the mechanism.
  3. ‘However, ‘the range ‘of memories ‘in parallel streams (might) ‘work (as though) ‘rising (into) ‘an automatic ‘trigger.
  4. ‘Thinking about words ‘as representations (of) ‘accompanied ‘flight (might illustrate) ‘and produce a ‘specific ‘feedback/’reward ‘stream.
  5. ‘To discover (that) ‘we live (as) ‘situation, (an) ‘abundance of ‘causal (and casual) ‘relation (leaving maps for) ‘forms (to follow).
  6. ‘To discover (that) ‘things change (according to) ‘an awareness of ‘structure and function, (made strange and) ‘illuminated (by) ‘phenomenon, ‘a reminder ‘of regions.
  7. ‘Their skilled ‘patchwork ‘intuitively ‘indicated (via flow of) ‘no ‘condition.
  8. (Another) ’round of ‘processing ‘the flight (might reveal) ‘reminders, ‘gorgeous, ‘excitable, ‘marching right in ‘through ‘fascination’s ‘over-active ‘circuit.
  9. ‘Once ‘suggested, ‘the distant possibility (becomes more) ‘active ‘in attention ‘according to ‘the firing rate ‘of memories (etc) ‘woven round (each moment of) ‘the drawing (forth.
  10. ‘We recall ‘this reading (it has changed) ‘the sound (of every channel) ‘they have gone (down).

A note on method:

Statements are creating by rapidly flipping through the source text, pulling fragments together with a general “intent to state” something meaningful about the terrain. The apostrophes and parentheses meant to convey a rough sense of how I’m remixing the statements. An apostrophe denotes the start of a string found in the original text. A phrase in parentheses denotes a phrase I inserted (on the fly) to “drive” the emerging statement towards being more … statement-y.

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