10 Statements (remixed from Conceptual Spaces)
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10 Statements (remixed from Conceptual Spaces)

  1. ‘Domains (have a) ‘fuzzy (relationship) (in constant) ‘calibration (and collaboration) (with the) ‘metric (located in the) ‘projectible ‘concept.
  2. (Meanwhile), ‘the movement (of) ‘the other domains ‘conceives ‘its role (and assigns it a value).
  3. ‘The mapping ‘of examples (to themselves) (gives pleasure).
  4. ‘The grid (gives) ‘focus (to some) ‘small ‘feats (of) (radical) ‘radial ‘summations ‘obtained (via) ‘measurements (between).
  5. ‘Each class ‘handles (its objects) ‘with ‘scales (and) ‘comparisons ‘underpinning ‘more precise (yet fluid) ‘multidimensional scaling.
  6. ‘It will ‘prototype ‘within the ‘concept (then) ‘generate ‘relations (to bridge dimensions).
  7. ‘Let us ‘summarize (some of their) ‘names ‘as weights (, assign them values according to some game).
  8. ‘But when, ‘by and large, (the) ‘possible worlds (emerge), the ‘notion of salience (must yield some) ‘measurable ‘talking (and taking into) ‘perspective.
  9. ‘The link ‘forms ‘a special property.
  10. ‘A relation ‘is expanded ‘as a ‘skin.

Key, or, how it happened:

‘ = string found in original text

( ) = inserted phrase

(note: statements are thought-objects and should be used as such)

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